Alvino Salcedo
Head Coach

Born and raised in Denver, I am homegrown in the sweet science of boxing from Topeira Boxing Club starting in 2016. I was taught, mentored and coached by Joaquin Romero and in 2019 began coaching at Topeira. In the past 4 years I have helped coach multiple Golden Glove champions, tournament winners and beginners of the sport into competing and sparring boxers. My passion is rooted in the meticulous focus of technique, balance, footwork and the teaching of the sport as a technical art. My mission is to help any person interested in boxing from every diverse background learn to love the sport as much as I do and take the values they learn within our gym out to a world where confidence, respect, empathy, strength against adversity and compassion are tools that can transcend across the many spectrums of life.

TJ Webb
Level 2 Coach

TJ is a level 2 coach. He has been training for 6 Years, and although he has one amateur bout on his record, he has well over a hundred hours of sparring. He helps coach on the Wednesday sparring nights and his strengths in coaching are  basic fundamentals with an emphasis on developing natural power,regardless the fighter. He is USA boxing certified.

Amy Bernabe-Jimenes

Level 1 USA boxing coach 

Her big passions in life are running, dancing, and boxing. She’s been part of Topeira Boxing Club since 2019.

She enjoys training and watching the progression of each member as they grow in confidence, conditioning, and skill development from their first day to months later. She hopes to continue bringing value to her community and all the members at Topeira Boxing Club.

Luis Ovalle

Level 2 USA boxing coach 

A certified personal trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine. He began boxing in 2008. He has been a boxing coach for the Topeira Boxing Club since 2015. Luis believes that in boxing, you must have a sound mind; to remain steady when struggles come your way.

Madison Hernandez

Green Level USA Boxing Certified Coach

I went to my first boxing class in 2015. I was so intimidated! Some people really looked like they knew what they were doing on the heavy bags and mitts, and I was so scared. Although I had been somewhat athletic my whole life, I was clunky, apologetic, and felt awkward in my body. I certainly didn’t realize how much of a full-body workout it was going to be. DANG! I was smoked after one round. The more I kept pushing myself through the workouts, the more I let go of my own insecurities and hopelessness. I began to access the power my body had been storing for many years. I didn’t know I could do half the things that were being asked of me during that one-hour class. This was the start of something epic. I was so grateful to have been given this gift and was determined to get better.

Eight years later, I trained hard for and won my first fight in an International Women’s tournament, and became a USA Boxing coach. I am endlessly inspired by the growing community of women entering this sport, challenging each other, and discovering our power together. Everyone enters the gym for different reasons, with different perspectives, backgrounds, and sometimes trauma. I’ve personally worked through so much insecurity, and fear through learning how to fight. We are not alone. I feel called to help people navigate these challenges as they enter into this new territory, and have an absolute blast along the way.

My boxing coach Joaquin always said: “In boxing, sometimes you are the hammer, and sometimes you are the nail.” It only matters that we keep coming back and learning every day.

Sam Hull

Green Level USA Boxing Certified Coach

Sam is a dedicated boxing coach with experience as a competitor, coach, and referee. With a boxing journey that began in 2007, Sam’s mission in boxing is to inspire and guide students and peers towards success inside and outside the ring.

Shane Sapak

Green Level USA Boxing Certified Coach

I have been boxing for almost 5 years now. I started and originally trained under Joaquin Romero, I have fought in local events and the Colorado Golden Glove State Tournament. I have a Green level USA boxing Coaching Certification and look forward to gaining more knowledge and higher certifications in this sport. I coach the Thursday night Level one Classes as well as the Saturday morning Level 2 Class and sparring sessions. I believe in technique above all and my goal as a coach is to focus on the technique and mental aspect of boxing.